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Hardox 500 Steel Shooting Target Gongs

Gong Set of 6
300 to 50mm.

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1013
Gong Set of 3

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1012
Gong Set of 3

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1011
Gong Set of 3

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1014
Gong Set of 3

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1015
400mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1009
300mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1008
250mm shooting target gong
250mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1007
200mm shooting target gong
200mm Gong 

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MPN 1006
150mm shooting target gong
150mm Gong 

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MPN 1005
125mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1004
100mm Gong 

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MPN 1003
50mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1001
75mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1002
500mm Gong 

Free UK Delivery
MPN 1010
steel shooting target stand
Gong Shooting Stand 
Kit Contains :-
2 x 16mm Solid Bar Uprights  (1m)
2 x Chains (7 links)
2 x D Shackles
Free UK Delivery
MPN 6001
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Material Brand New Hardox / AR500 Steel Shooting Target - Suitable for all firearms except 50 calibre and above. 10mm Thickness certified nominal hardness 500 HBW

Price includes FREE UK DELIVERY.5-7 days ( For overseas please email for delivery costs)

All sizes quoted are approximate (for example The 100mm Gong Measures 103mm x 103mm).
All targets have minimum 10mm diameter holes.

Targets and stands are bare metal. (Powder Coating £15.00 per item extra, we have only powder coated the sample kit for promotional purposes email us for further details.

Please email for bulk order discounts. Visit our custom page for information on custom made targets.

Please use Hardox shooting targets safely, observe all safety rules and guidelines, keep a safe distance from the target.
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