Hardox AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

Why Hardox Steel For Shooting Targets

Toms-Targets only use certified Hardox500 / AR500 Steel plate to manufacture its extensive range of shooting targets.

AR500 steel is exactly the same as Hardox 500 steel - it is simply a name. The crucial part is the 500 section as this dictates the Brinell hardness - this is what stops the bullet piercing the plate! Suitable for all ammunition up to 50 calibre.

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There is a significant difference between Hardox AR 500 hardened steel targets and mild steel targets. We carried out our own testing. 

Orange - Hardox 500 10mm Steel Plate
Blue - Mild Steel 10mm Steel Plate
Distance: 100 metres
Ammunition: 6.5 x 55, 140 grain.
Energy: 2550 fps

The results (see pictures above)

The Hardox Ar 500 plate was not penetrated. The bullet made a minor indentation to the plate surface,the orange powder coating was vaporized by the bullet splattering on the plate surface. The integrity of the plate remained relatively unchanged.

The mild steel plate was extensively penetrated almost completely by the bullet leaving sharp swarf on perimeter of penetration.

The mild steel target would soon fail after repeated use
The Hardox target will remain easy to paint and reusable
shot Hardox Steel Shooting plate
shot mild steel shooting plate
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